£5 from each donkey print sold,

 will be donated to selected Donkey Sanctuaries and Rescue Centres. 

At the end of each month I shall list the amount of donations made and to what charities.

Charities benefited so far are:

Snowdonia Donkeys £50 donated

Donkey Breed Society £100 donated

Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary £75 donated

Island Farm Donkey  Sanctuary £50 donated

The Donkey Sanctuary £50 donated

Heehaws, France, 30 euros

Total raised and donated so far £405

Other recommendations will be added from time to time.


These High Quality Giclee Prints are mounted on  16'' x 12''  bevel cut white window mounts, and are all reproduced from my original paintings.

Prints shipped overseas will not come mounted as to avoid damage and a safe passage they will be packaged in strong cardboard tubes.