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My genuine original signed watercolour paintings cover a wide ranch of subjects from Landscapes and Seascapes to pets, wild animals and real life action, and Classic & Vintage Cars

Donkey Mum and Foal.jpg



I like to produce paintings with a real depth of colour and prefer my finished work to resemble a genuine piece of art, for that's what it is, and not a digitally enhanced photograph to look like art, or visa versa. I use the very best quality materials, and brushes, paint, water and canvass are the only ingredients I use. I suppose that I'm a realist with impressionist tendencies.


Although I had early training as a Commercial Artist, I'm basically self taught, and definitely don't follow the purists rules. Whilst I'm also proud that not one of my paintings hangs feeling sorry for itself, expensive and unsold,  in the many art galleries across the globe. However, I am very, very proud that hundreds upon hundreds do now hang on the walls of art lovers homes around the world. This of course means that I can keep my prices to a sensible level, as there are no expensive commissions or fees to pay. I encourage commissions for any subject and always willing to negotiate and offer suitable discounts if its feasible and I can.

So please get in touch for details, prices  and  shipping costs via my contact page, and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

 My work is mainly shipped across the UK , Canada and the USA, but can ship to most counties worldwide.

I have high quality gclee prints of most of my work for sale, and at the moment I also have a Donkey Collection that are now being sold to raise vital funds for Donkey Sanctuaries and Rescue Centres, please check out my Donkey's Save Donkey's page for details.

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